How to Unblock from Friends Whatsapp

Unblock from Friends Whatsapp
How to Unblock from Friends Whatsapp : Whatsapp is widely used chatting platform which connect different people from different places instantly and it become a prominent part of our life now. So, any disruption in this like get blocked by someone on WhatsApp will makes user frustrating because if someone blocks you on WhatsApp. Then you will neither be able to text him and also able to checkout their profile picture, status etc

So, in this guide I'm going to share a simple trick to unblock from friends Whatsapp . There is an another way to talk with blocked WhatsApp contact but that method is very lengthy and problematic method. Because you have to delete your whatsapp account for that and again create it to get unblocked from the person who block you on whatsapp account.

How to Know if you are Blocked by someone?

Check Following details

  • If your friends “last seen status” or ” whatsapp status” or “display picture” is not visible to you, then you may be BLOCKED.
  • If you send messages and it shows only one tick sign. ( i.e message is been sent but doesn’t delivered) then you may be BLOCKED.

How to Unblock from Friends Whatsapp

*By using this trick you loose all your groups in your WhatsApp account

  1. Open your WhatsApp Account settings
  2. Now Simply Click on “Delete my account” option ( don’t worry )
  3. Enter your phone number to delete account.
  4. Now lets UNINSTALL WhatsApp application
  5. Reboot/Restart your device
  6. Go to Google Play Store and Download WhatsApp Messenger App again
  7. Install and enter details to start with

All set, now you have unblocked yourself with notifying anyone. Enjoy

How to Message Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp Without Deleting Account

This method is very simple and easy you can go straightforward, all you need is a third person who is on WhatsApp. He is going to play a very important role in this method. So it is better to choose the third person who is mutual friend between you and the person who blocked you.

  1. Tell your mutual or any friend to create a new group.
  2. After Creating the group, tell him to add you and other person the one who blocked you in that group.
  3. Now you will be completely able to chat those person who blocked you on WhatsApp with the help of this group. If you want to private chat then tell your mutual friend to exit or leave the group.

After your mutual friend leaved from group, only you and the person who blocked you. are there in that group and you can text the blocked person easily without having faces any issues

If this methods doesn't work for you WhatsAppply message him offline via text message.

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