DOKDO Mod 1.4.2 Unlimited Money latest version Apk

DOKDO Mod 1.4.2 Unlimited Money latest version Apk
DOKDO Mod 1.4.2 Apk is a strategy game where you start out in a small boat that you can use to fish or fight against other boats of a similar size. As you play, you'll find gold and resources, which you can then use to improve your boat as you go. Grab the latest version of Dokdo Mod Unlimited Money.
DOKDO Mod 1.4.1

To sail your boat through the ocean, all you have to do is tap twice on the screen. The boat will automatically attack any enemy that comes your way, so all you have to do is worry about where you're going and turn the boat so the cannons can fire at the target.

Once you destroy the enemy ship, you can sack its cargo and get valuable resources. One of the most important parts of DOKDO is trading. The ocean is full of ports where you can repair your boat and sell the resources you've collected. You can buy and sell food, wood, minerals, etc. But keep in mind that you'll need lots of resources (especially gold) to improve your own boat, too.

About DOKDO Mod

  • Version- 1.4.2
  • Required Android- 4.1 and up
  • App size- 30MB
  • What's in Mod- Unlimited Money/Resorces


DOKDO Mod 1.4.2 free purchase Apk (latest) - Download link here

Dokdo Mod 1.4.0 Unlimited Money Apk - Download
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